Douglas Davenport

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Ph.D. Student, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Kentucky, 2014

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Doug joined Prof. Menachem Elimelech’s research group in the fall of 2015 as a Ph.D. student and is excited to continue his research of advanced membrane processes for water purification. He completed his undergraduate education at the University of Kentucky where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. While completing his undergraduate degree, Doug was active conducting research in the membrane field. His research focused on the development of membranes with a thick cross-section and spongy morphology in order to maximize the available membrane pore volume. The increased internal volume serves as an ideal backbone for additional materials to be functionalized within the membrane surface. Doug studied the application of materials which are responsive to changes in pH, serve as ion-exchange materials, and can be used as catalysts for the degradation of harmful environmental contaminants.

Now at Yale, Doug is eager to continue advancing his knowledge and understanding of membrane processes. His current work involves using advanced polymerization techniques to modify ultrafiltration membranes in order to reduce the risk of detrimental fouling. In the coming years, he will pursue research which expands our fundamental knowledge of membrane processes while also studying meaningful applications for these technologies. A specific application Doug is passionate about is the utilization of membranes in humanitarian water treatment applications. Doug enjoys being an active member of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) at each school he has attended. In 2014, Doug traveled to Ecuador with the University of Kentucky chapter of EWB to help identify a safe sanitation solution for a small rural community. He is excited to now be a part of the Yale chapter as they develop a reliable water distribution system for a community in Cameroon. During his Ph.D. research, Doug is continually exploring the opportunity to use membrane technologies to improve the lives of those who lack access to safe and reliable water sources around the world.

Outside of the lab, Doug enjoys backpacking with his wife, biking, and being a Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan.


pdfs and supporting information for group publications available on the main publications page.

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