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Deshmukh, A. & Elimelech, M.
Understanding the impact of membrane properties and transport phenomena on the energetic performance of membrane distillation desalination
Dongarea, P.D., Alabastria, A., Pedersend, S., Zodrow, K.R., Hogana, N.J., Neumanna, O., Wu, J., Wang, T., Deshmukh, A., Elimelech, M., Li, Q., Nordlander, P., & Halas, N.J.
Nanophotonics-enabled solar membrane distillation for off-grid water purification
Werber, J.R., Bull, S.K., & Elimelech, M.
Acyl-chloride quenching following interfacial polymerization to modulate the water permeability, selectivity, and surface charge of desalination membranes
Hickenbottom, K.L., Vanneste, J., Miller-Robbie, L., Deshmukh, A., Elimelech, M., Heeley, M.B., & Cath, T.Y.
Techno-economic assessment of a closed-loop osmotic heat engine
Chen, D., Werber, J.R., Zhao, X., & Elimelech, M.
A Facile Method to Quantify the Carboxyl Group Areal Density in the Active Layer of Polyamide Thin-Film Composite Membranes
Boo, C. & Elimelech, M.
Thermal desalination membranes: Carbon nanotubes keep up the heat
Park, H.B., Kamcev, J., Robeson, L.M., Elimelech, M., & Freeman, B.D.
Maximizing the right stuff: The trade-off between membrane permeability and selectivity
Geng, Z., Yang, X., Boo, C., Zhu, S., Lu, Y., Fan, W., Huo, M., Elimelech, M., & Yang, X.
Self-cleaning anti-fouling hybrid ultrafiltration membranes via side chain grafting of poly(aryl ether sulfone) and titanium dioxide
Tong, T., Zhao, S., Boo, C., Hashmi, S.M., & Elimelech, M.
Relating Silica Scaling in Reverse Osmosis to Membrane Surface Properties
Shaulsky, E., Nejati, S., Boo, C., Perreault, F., Osuji, C.O., & Elimelech, M.
Post-fabrication modification of electrospun nanofiber mats with polymer coating for membrane distillation applications
Feng, X., Kawabata, K., Kaufman, G., Elimelech, M., & Osuji, C.O.
Highly Selective Vertically Aligned Nanopores in Sustainably Derived Polymer Membranes by Molecular Templating
Faria, A.F., Liu, C., Xie, M., Perreault, F., Nghiem, L.D., Ma, J., & Elimelech, M.
Thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes functionalized with graphene oxide–silver nanocomposites for biofouling control
Shaffer, D.L., Tousley, M.E., & Elimelech, M.
Influence of polyamide membrane surface chemistry on gypsum scaling behavior
Liu, C., Lee, J., Ma, J., & Elimelech, M.
Antifouling Thin-Film Composite Membranes by Controlled Architecture of Zwitterionic Polymer Brush Layer
Luo, W., Phan, H.V., Xie, M., Hai, F.I., Price, W.E., Elimelech, M., & Nghiem, L.D.
Osmotic versus conventional membrane bioreactors integrated with reverse osmosis for water reuse: Biological stability, membrane fouling, and contaminant removal
Werber, J.R., Deshmukh, A., & Elimelech, M.
Can batch or semi-batch processes save energy in reverse-osmosis desalination?
Lin, S. & Elimelech, M.
Kinetics and energetics trade-off in reverse osmosis desalination with different configurations
Liu, C., Faria, A.F., Ma, J., & Elimelech, M.
Mitigation of Biofilm Development on Thin-Film Composite Membranes Functionalized with Zwitterionic Polymers and Silver Nanoparticles


Boo, C., Lee., J., & Elimelech, M.
Omniphobic Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) Membrane for Desalination of Shale Gas Produced Water by Membrane Distillation
Tousley, M.E., Shaffer, D.L., Lee, J.-H., Osuji, C.O, & Elimelech, M.
Effect of Final Monomer Deposition Steps on Molecular Layer-by-Layer Polyamide Surface Properties