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Davenport, D.M., Lee, J., & Elimelech, M.
Efficacy of antifouling modification of ultrafiltration membranes by grafting zwitterionic polymer brushes
Zodrow, K.R., Li, Q., Buono, R.M., Chen, W., Daigger, G., Duenas-Osorio, L, Elimelech, M., Huang, X., Jiang, G., Kim, J-H., Logan, B.E., Sedlak, D.L., Westerhoff, P., & Alvarez, P.J.J.
Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Complex Systems Analyses: Emerging Opportunities to Enhance Urban Water Security
Deshmukh, A. & Elimelech, M.
Understanding the impact of membrane properties and transport phenomena on the energetic performance of membrane distillation desalination
Werber, J.R., Bull, S.K., & Elimelech, M.
Acyl-chloride quenching following interfacial polymerization to modulate the water permeability, selectivity, and surface charge of desalination membranes
Hickenbottom, K.L., Vanneste, J., Miller-Robbie, L., Deshmukh, A., Elimelech, M., Heeley, M.B., & Cath, T.Y.
Techno-economic assessment of a closed-loop osmotic heat engine
Sun, J., Hu, C., Tong, T., Zhao, K., Qu, J., Liu, H., & Elimelech, M.
Performance and Mechanisms of Ultrafiltration Membrane Fouling Mitigation by Coupling Coagulation and Applied Electric Field in a Novel Electrocoagulation Membrane Reactor
Chen, D., Werber, J.R., Zhao, X., & Elimelech, M.
A Facile Method to Quantify the Carboxyl Group Areal Density in the Active Layer of Polyamide Thin-Film Composite Membranes
Dongare, P.D., Alabastri, A., Pedersen, S., Zodrow, K.R., Hogan, N.J., Neumann, O., Wu, J., Wang, T., Deshmukh, A., Elimelech, M., Li, Q., Nordlander, P., & Halas, N.J.
Nanophotonics-enabled solar membrane distillation for off-grid water purification
Boo, C. & Elimelech, M.
Thermal desalination membranes: Carbon nanotubes keep up the heat
Park, H.B., Kamcev, J., Robeson, L.M., Elimelech, M., & Freeman, B.D.
Maximizing the right stuff: The trade-off between membrane permeability and selectivity
Geng, Z., Yang, X., Boo, C., Zhu, S., Lu, Y., Fan, W., Huo, M., Elimelech, M., & Yang, X.
Self-cleaning anti-fouling hybrid ultrafiltration membranes via side chain grafting of poly(aryl ether sulfone) and titanium dioxide
Tong, T., Zhao, S., Boo, C., Hashmi, S.M., & Elimelech, M.
Relating Silica Scaling in Reverse Osmosis to Membrane Surface Properties
Shaulsky, E., Nejati, S., Boo, C., Perreault, F., Osuji, C.O., & Elimelech, M.
Post-fabrication modification of electrospun nanofiber mats with polymer coating for membrane distillation applications
Feng, X., Kawabata, K., Kaufman, G., Elimelech, M., & Osuji, C.O.
Highly Selective Vertically Aligned Nanopores in Sustainably Derived Polymer Membranes by Molecular Templating
Faria, A.F., Liu, C., Xie, M., Perreault, F., Nghiem, L.D., Ma, J., & Elimelech, M.
Thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes functionalized with graphene oxide–silver nanocomposites for biofouling control
Shaffer, D.L., Tousley, M.E., & Elimelech, M.
Influence of polyamide membrane surface chemistry on gypsum scaling behavior
Liu, C., Lee, J., Ma, J., & Elimelech, M.
Antifouling Thin-Film Composite Membranes by Controlled Architecture of Zwitterionic Polymer Brush Layer
Luo, W., Phan, H.V., Xie, M., Hai, F.I., Price, W.E., Elimelech, M., & Nghiem, L.D.
Osmotic versus conventional membrane bioreactors integrated with reverse osmosis for water reuse: Biological stability, membrane fouling, and contaminant removal
Liu, C., Faria, A.F., Ma, J., & Elimelech, M.
Mitigation of Biofilm Development on Thin-Film Composite Membranes Functionalized with Zwitterionic Polymers and Silver Nanoparticles
Werber, J.R., Deshmukh, A., & Elimelech, M.
Can batch or semi-batch processes save energy in reverse-osmosis desalination?