Former Lab Members

Yale Doctoral Students Departure Date Title Affiliation
Sohum Patel Dec 2023 Postdoctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Julianne Rolf May 2022 Science and Technology Fellow California Council on Science and Technology
Ryan DuChanois Dec 2022 Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellow Rice University
Yuhao “Sam” Du Oct 2022 Investment Analyst Greenwoods Asset Management
Cody Ritt Aug 2022 Postdoctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Xuechen Zhou

Jan 2022

Postdoctoral Scholar

The Pennsylvania State University

Cassandra Porter Dec 2021 Assistant Professor Auburn University
Camrynn ‘Cammie’ Fausey Sep 2020 Aritificial Intelligence Engineer The MITRE Corporation
Evyatar Shaulsky Aug 2020 Postdoctoral Researcher Northeastern University
Douglas Davenport July 2020 Postdoctoral Researcher Katholieke Universiteit Lenven
Akshay Deshmukh Nov 2019 Postdoctoral Associate Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chanhee Boo July 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow Columbia University
Humberto Jaramillo June 2018 Project Engineer Separation Processes Inc.
Jay Werber May 2018 Postdoctoral Fellow University of Minnesota  
Anthony Straub Aug 2017 Assistant Professor University of Colorado Boulder
Devin Shaffer Aug 2016 Assistant Professor University of Houston
Marissa Tousley May 2016 Assistant Professor Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Laura H Arias Chavez

July 2014 Assistant Professor Tennessee Technological University
Katherine R. Zodrow June 2014 Assistant Professor Montana Tech of the University of Montana
Ngai Yin Yip May 2014 Assistant Professor Columbia University
Alberto Tiraferri Aug 2012 Associate Professor Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy
Laura C. Sima Aug 2012 Foreign Affairs Officer US Department of State
Jui Shan Yong Aug 2012 Director of Business Development BioLargo, Inc.
Meagan S. Mauter Aug 2011 Associate Professor Carnegie Mellon University
Robert L. McGinnis May 2009 Founder and CEO Mattershift
Anna Stirgwolt Brady-Estévez May 2009 Program Director National Science Foundation
Maggie Montgomery May 2009 Technical Officer World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
Allegra K. da Silva Aug 2008 Regional Water Reuse Practice Leader Brown and Caldwell
Kai Loon Chen May 2008 Assistant Professor Johns Hopkins University Water Institute
Wui Seng Ang May 2008 Research Engineer Singapore Public Utility Board (PUB)
Alexis de Kerchove May 2007 Vertical Marketing Manager Xylem Inc. - Stockholm, Sweden
Jeffrey R. McCutcheon May 2008 Associate Professor University of Connecticut
Jane E. Hill Mar 2006 Associate Professor Dartmouth University
Zachary A Kuznar Aug 2005 Director - Energy Storage and Microgrid Development Duke Energy Corporation
Jim C. Chen Jul 2005 Assistant Professor Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Nathalie Tufenkji Nov 2004 Professor McGill University, Canada
Sharon L. Walker Nov 2004 Dean Drexel University
Eric M.V. Hoek Dec 2001 Professor University of California, Los Angeles
UCLA Doctoral Students Departure Date Title Affiliation
Albert S. Kim 2000 (co-advised) Associate Professor University of Hawaii at Manoa
Chun-Han Ko 1999 Professor National Taiwan University
Yann Le Gouellec 1998 Assistant Treatment Superintendent Greater Cincinnati Water Works
John J. Waypa 1998 Engineer Northrop Grumman Corporation
Ning Sun 1998 Research Scientist Yale School of Public Health
Amy Childress 1997 Professor & Director of Environmental Engineering Program University of Southern California
Seungkwan Hong 1997 Professor Korea University, Seoul, Korea
Xiaohua Zhu 1996 LEEI Consulting Engineer Sunnyvale, California
Philip R. Johnson 1995 Mine Water Engineer MWH
Daylin Liu 1994 Principal Systems Engineer Raytheon Company
Hsiao-Wei Ching 1994 Associate Professor Tung-Nan Institute of Tech., Taiwan
Lianfa Song 1993 Professor Texas Tech University
Yale Postdoctoral Researchers Departure Date Title Affiliation
Dr. Luis Francisco Villalobos Dec 2023 Assistant Professor University of Southern California
Dr. Mohammad “Mosi” Heiranian Aug 2023 Assistant Professor North Carolina State University
Dr. Nathanial Cooper July 2023 Assistant Professor Cambridge University
Dr. Tianchi Cao Jan 2023  Professor Nankai University
Dr. Boreum Lee Dec 2022 Senior Researcher  Korea Testing Laboratory
Dr. Li Wang Dec 2022 Professor School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University
Dr. Lea R. Winter July 2022 Assistant Professor Yale University
Dr. Xiaoxiong “George” Wang Jan 2022 TBD TBD
Dr. Wen Ma Dec 2021 Postoc Associated with Professorship University of Sherbrooke
Dr. Ji-Soo Jang June 2021 Senior Researcher Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Dr. Meng ‘Chris’ Sun Feb 2021 Associate Professor Tsinghua University
Dr. Zhangxin Wang Dec 2020 Assistant Professor Guangdong University of Technology
Dr. Xinglin Lu Oct 2020 Assistant Professor University of Science and Technology of China
Dr. Mohan Qin Dec 2019 Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin - Madison 
Dr. Razi Epsztein Sept 2019 Assistant Professor Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Dr. Vasiliki ‘Vicky’ Karanikola July 2019 Assistant Professor The University of Arizona
Dr. Ines Zucker Nov 2018 Senior Lecturer Tel-Aviv University
Dr. David Warsinger May 2018 Assistant Professor Purdue University
Dr. Tiezheng Tong July 2017 Assistant Professor Colorado State University
Dr. Jongho Lee May 2017 Assistant Professor University of British Columbia
Dr. Siamak Nejati May 2016 Assistant Professor University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Dr. Francois Perreault Aug 2015 Assistant Professor & Senior Sustainability Scientist Arizona State University
Dr. Edo Bar Zeev Aug 2015 Senior Lecturer Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Dr. Shihong Lin Oct 2014 Assistant Professor & Director of Graduate Recruiting for Environmental Engineering Vanderbilt University
Dr. Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon Aug 2014 Assistant Professor University of Minnesota
Dr. YunXia Hu Aug 2013 Professor Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, China
Dr. Moshe Ben-Sasson Aug 2013 Director for Water, Agriculture, Environment Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology, and Space
Dr. Saifur Rahaman May 2012 Associate Professor Concordia University
Dr. Jessica D. Schiffman Aug 2011 Assistant Professor University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Dr. Zhiyong Meng (co-advised by Prof. Chinedum Ousji) Jul 2011 Professor Peking University
Dr. William A. Phillip Jul 2011 Associate Professor University of Notre Dame
Dr. Deb P. Jaisi Jan 2011 Associate Professor University of Delaware
Dr. Debora F. Rodrigues Jul 2010 Associate Professor University of Houston
Dr. Chad Vecitis Jul 2010 Associate Professor Harvard University
Dr. Seoktae (Steve) Kang Jan 2009 Associate Professor Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea
Dr. Navid B. Saleh Jan. 2009 Associate Professor University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Baoxia Mi Jan 2009 Assistant Professor University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Moshe Herzberg 2007 Associate Professor Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Dr. Thanh H. (Helen) Nguyen Nov 2006 Associate Professor University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Dr. Jeremy A. Redman 2004 Lecturer California State University, Long Beach
Dr. Qilin Li 2003 Professor and Co-Director of NEWT Center Rice University
Dr. How Y. Ng 2003 Professor National University of Singapore
Dr. Pawel Weronski 2003 (co-advised) Associate Professor Institute of Catalysis & Surface Chemistry
Dr. Steven E. Mylon 2003 (co-advised) Associate Professor Middlesex School
Dr. Subir Bhattacharjee 2001 Founder and CEO IntelliFlux Controls
Dr. Arza Seidel 2000 Executive Editor John Wiley & Sons, New York
Dr. Chun-Han Ko 2000 Professor and Chairman National Taiwan University
UCLA Postdoctoral Researcher Departure Date Title Affiliation
Dr. Lianfa Song 1994 Professor Texas Tech University
Yale Visiting Scholars and Researchers Departure Date Title Affiliation
Abdessamad Belgada March 2022 Ph.D. Candidate Hassan II University of Casablanca in Morocco

Rhea Verbeke

Oct 2020

Postdoctoral Researcher

Membrane Technology group, Katholieke Universiteit Lenven

Yanfang Guan Oct 2019 Ph.D. Candidate University of Science and Technology of China
Chi Wang Sept 2019 Ph.D. Candidate Northeast Normal University
Mohamed Khayet June 2019 Professor Complutense University of Madrid
Lei Zhang June 2019 Associate Professor Tianjin University of Science & Technology
Sigyn Bjork Sigurdardottir April 2019 Ph.D. Candidate Technical University of Denmark
Masashi Kaneda Nov 2018 Research Assistant Hokkaido University
Wei Cheng Nov 2018 Ph.D. Candidate Harbin Institute of Technology
Wu Yang Oct 2018 Associate Professor Northeast Normal University
Xuan Zhang Sep 2018 Associate Professor Nanjing University of Science & Technology
Yunkun Wang Aug 2018 Assistant Professor Shandong University
Shu Wang April 2018 Ph.D. Student Tsinghua University
Nadir Dizge Feb 2018 Professor Mersin University
Zhi Geng Dec 2017 Associate Professor Northeast Normal University
Song Zhao Sept 2016 Assistant Professor Tianjin University, China
Zhining Wang March 2016 Associate Professor Ocean University of China
Anne Bogler July 2015 Ph.D. Student Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Ming Xie May 2015 Vice-Chancellor Early Career Research Fellow Victoria University, Australia
Gang Ye Jan 2015 Associate Professor Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Xinglin Lu Jan 2014 Postdoctoral Associate Yale University
Zhongguo Zhang Nov 2013 Professor Environmental Protection Research Institute of Light Industry, Beijing, China
Shuai Liang Feb. 2013 Lecturer Beijing Forestry University
Jack Gilron 2012 Associate Professor and Department Chairperson Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Atar Adout Oct. 2011 Environment Health-Water Quality Coordinator Ministry of Health, Israel
Yuchang Kim 2011 Principal Researcher Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Yinghui Mo 2011 Engineer Institute of Seawater Desalination and Multipurpose Utilization, Tianjin, China
Yuji Yamashita 2011 Assistant Professor University of Tsukuba
Hyunse Kim 2010 Senior Researcher Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Isabel Cristina Tessaro 2010 Associate Professor Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Esperanza Garcia Castello 2006 Associate Professor Univ. Politécnica de Valencia, Spain
Esther Huertas 2006 Project Manager AQU Catalunya
Ana Rita Costa 2005 Process Engineer Galp  Energia
Bart Postmus 2003 Dutch Patent Attorney NLO
Sangyoup Lee 2002 Research Professor Korea University
Long Nghiem 2002 School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Director University of Technology Sydney

Postdoctoral Associate