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DuChanois, R. M., Epsztein, R., Trivedi, J. A., & Elimelech, M.
Controlling pore structure of polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membranes by tuning polyelectrolyte-salt interactions
Epsztein, R., Shaulsky, E., Qin, M., & Elimelech, M.
Activation behavior for ion permeation in ion-exchange membranes: Role of ion dehydration in selective transport.
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Removal of calcium IONS from water by selective electrosorption using target-ion specific nanocomposite electrode
Ritt, C., Werber, J.R., Deshmukh, A., & Elimelech, M.
Monte Carlo Simulations of Framework Defects in Layered Two-Dimensional Nanomaterial Desalination Membranes: Implications for Permeability and Selectivity
Chang, H., Li, T., Liu, B., Vidic, R.D., Elimelech, M., & Crittenden, J.C.
Potential and implemented membrane-based technologies for the treatment and reuse of flowback and produced water from shale gas and oil plays: A review
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Comparison of energy consumption in desalination by capacitive deionization and reverse osmosis
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Photografting Graphene Oxide to Inert Membrane Materials to Impart Antibacterial Activity
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Concentration and Recovery of Dyes from Textile Wastewater using a Self-standing, Support-free Forward Osmosis Membrane
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Asymmetric membranes for membrane distillation and thermo-osmotic energy conversion
Yousefi, N., Lu, X., Elimelech, M., & Tufenkji, N.
Environmental performance of graphene-based 3D macrostructures
Luo, J., Sun, M., Ritt, C., Liu, X., Pei, Y., Crittenden, J.C., & Elimelech, M.
Tuning Pb(II) Adsorption from Aqueous Solutions on Ultrathin Iron Oxychloride (FeOCl) Nanosheets
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Actinia-like multifunctional nanocoagulant for single-step removal of water contaminants


Zhou, X., Zhao, Y.-Y., Kim, S.-R., Elimelech, M., Hu, S., & Kim, J.-H.
Controlled TiO2 Growth on Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membranes by Atomic Layer Deposition: Mechanisms and Potential Applications
Boo, C., Hong, S., & Elimelech, M.
Relating Organic Fouling in Membrane Distillation to Intermolecular Adhesion Forces and Interfacial Surface Energies
Zhang, W., Cheng, W., Ziemann, E., Be'er, A., Lu, X., Elimelech, M., & Bernstein, R.
Functionalization of ultrafiltration membrane with polyampholyte hydrogel and graphene oxide to achieve dual antifouling and antibacterial properties
Karanikola, V., Boo, C., Rolf, J. & Elimelech, M.
Engineered Slippery Surface to Mitigate Gypsum Scaling in Membrane Distillation for Treatment of Hypersaline Industrial Wastewaters
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High-Performance Capacitive Deionization via Manganese Oxide-Coated, Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
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Layer‐by‐Layer Assembly of Cross‐Functional Semi‐transparent MXene‐Carbon Nanotubes Composite Films for Next‐Generation Electromagnetic Interference Shielding
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Selective removal of divalent cations by polyelectrolyte multilayer nanofiltration membrane: Role of polyelectrolyte charge, ion size, and ionic strength
Alvarez, P.J.J., Chan, C.K., Elimelech, M., Halas, N.J., & Villagrán, D.
Emerging opportunities for nanotechnology to enhance water security