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Bacterial inactivation by a carbon nanotube–iron oxide nanocomposite: a mechanistic study using E. coli mutants
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Highly efficient and sustainable non-precious-metal Fe–N–C electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction
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Role of Ionic Charge Density in Donnan Exclusion of Monovalent Anions by Nanofiltration
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Vapor-gap membranes for highly selective osmotically driven desalination
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A Self-Standing, Support-Free Membrane for Forward Osmosis with No Internal Concentration Polarization
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Nanofoaming of Polyamide Desalination Membranes To Tune Permeability and Selectivity
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Elucidating the Role of Oxidative Debris in the Antimicrobial Properties of Graphene Oxide
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Studying water and solute transport through desalination membranes via neutron radiography
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Elucidating the mechanisms underlying the difference between chloride and nitrate rejection in nanofiltration


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Emerging electrochemical and membrane-based systems to convert low-grade heat to electricity
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Energy Efficiency and Performance Limiting Effects in Thermo-Osmotic Energy Conversion from Low-Grade Heat
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Advanced Materials, Technologies, and Complex Systems Analyses: Emerging Opportunities to Enhance Urban Water Security