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Yong, J.S., Phillip, W.A., and Elimelech, M.
Reverse Permeation of Weak Electrolyte Draw Solutes in Forward Osmosis
Zodrow, K.R., Schiffman, J.D., and Elimelech, M.
Biodegradable Polymer (PLGA) Coatings Featuring Cinnamaldehyde and Carvacrol Mitigate Biofilm Formation
Shaffer, D.L., Yip, N.Y., Gilron J., and Elimelech, M.
Seawater Desalination for Agriculture by Integrated Forward and Reverse Osmosis: Improved Product Water Quality for Potentially Less Energy
Tiraferri, A., Kang, Y., Giannelis, E., and Elimelech, M.
Highly Hydrophilic Thin-Film Composite Forward Osmosis Membranes Functionalized with Surface-Tailored Nanoparticles
Logan, B.E. and Elimelech, M.
Membrane-Based Processes for Sustainable Power Generation using Water and Wastewater
Pasquini, L., Hashmi, S.M., Sommer, T., Elimelech, M., and Zimmerman, J.B.
Impact of Surface Functionalization on Bacterial Cytotoxicity of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Hintermair, U., Hashmi, S.M., Elimelech,M., and Crabtree, R.H.
Particle Formation during Oxidation Catalysis with Cp* Iridium complexes
Yip, N.Y. and Elimelech, M.
Thermodynamic and Energy Efficiency Analysis of Power Generation from Natural Salinity Gradients by Pressure Retarded Osmosis
Xie, M., Nghiem, L.D., Price, W.E., and Elimelech, M.
Comparison of the Removal of Hydrophobic Trace Organic Contaminants by Forward Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis
Kim, Y.C. and Elimelech, M.
Adverse Impact of Feed Channel Spacers on the Performance of Pressure Retarded Osmosis
Mauter, M.S., Elimelech, M., and Osuji, C.O.
Stable Sequestration of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Self-Assembled Aqueous Nanopores
Eckelman, M.J, Mauter, M.S, Isaacs, J.A., and Elimelech, M.
New Perspectives On Nanomaterial Aquatic Ecotoxicity: Production Impacts Exceed Direct Exposure Impacts For Carbon Nanotoubes
Yong, J.S., Phillip, W.A., and Elimelech, M.
Coupled Reverse Draw Solute Permeation and Water Flux in Forward Osmosis with Neutral Draw Solutes
Rahaman, M.S., Vecitis, C.D., and Elimelech,M.
Electrochemical Carbon-Nanotube Filter Performance towards Virus Removal and Inactivation in the Presence of Natural Organic Matter
Boo, C., Lee, S., Elimelech, M., Meng, Z., and Hong, S.
Colloidal Fouling in Forward Osmosis: Role of Reverse Salt Diffusion
Tiraferri, A., and Elimelech, M.
Direct Quantification of Negatively-Charged Functional Groups on Membrane Surfaces


Yip, N.Y. and Elimelech, M.
Performance Limiting Effects in Power Generation from Salinity Gradients by Pressure Retarded Osmosis
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Forward with Osmosis: Emerging Applications for Greater Sustainability
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Bidirectional Permeation of Electrolytes in Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes
Schiffman, J.D., Wang, Y., Giannelis, E.P., and Elimelech, M.
Biocidal Activity of Plasma Modified Electrospun Polysulfone Mats Functionalized with Polyethyleneimine-Capped Silver Nanoparticles