Current Lab Members


Menachem Elimelech's picture Menachem Elimelech
Sterling Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Professor of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Ph.D. Candidate

Yuhao Du's picture Yuhao Du
Ph.D. Candidate

Membrane Processes for High Concentration Brine Management

Ryan DuChanois's picture Ryan DuChanois
Ph.D. Candidate

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

AWWA Abel Wolman Fellow

Selective Transport in Polymeric Membranes Using Host-Guest Chemistry

Sohum Patel's picture Sohum Patel
Ph.D. Candidate

Ion Selectivity using Electrochemical Processes

Cassandra Porter's picture Cassandra Porter
Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised by Mingjiang Zhong)

NSF Graduate Research Fellow


Surface-Modified Membranes for Tailored Separations

Cody Ritt's picture Cody Ritt
Ph.D. Candidate

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Applied Nanofluidics and Fundamental Membrane Transport

Julianne Rolf's picture Julianne Rolf
Ph.D. Candidate

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Scaling Mitigation via Antiscalant and Membrane Surface Modification

Xuechen Zhou's picture Xuechen Zhou
Ph.D. Candidate (co-advised by Jaehong Kim)

Advanced Membranes Development with Atomic Layer Deposition

Ph.D. Student

Tayler Hedtke's picture Tayler Hedtke
Ph.D. Student (co-advised by Jaehong Kim)

Catalytic Membranes for Water Treatment

Brielle Januszewski's picture Brielle Januszewski
Graduate School Student

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Selectivity of Ions through Polymeric Membranes under Hydraulic Pressure

Masashi Kaneda's picture Masashi Kaneda
PhD Student

FOS2020 Fellow

Rotary Global Grant Fellow

Functional Polymers with Intrinsic Microporosity for Precision Separation

Camille Violet's picture Camille Violet
Ph.D. Student

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Ion Transport through Membrane Nanochannels

Postdocs and Fellows

Tianchi Cao's picture Tianchi Cao
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mineral Scaling in the Membrane Desalination

Mohammad Heiranian's picture Mohammad Heiranian
Postdoctoral Associate

Molecule and Nanofluidic Transport in Nanoporous Membranes

Ji-Soo Jang's picture Ji-Soo Jang
Postdoctoral Associate

Development of Pore-Size Tuned Membranes

Wen Ma's picture Wen Ma
Postdoctoral Fellow

Fouling and Scaling Control in Membrane Processes 

Meng 'Chris' Sun's picture Meng 'Chris' Sun
Postdoctoral Associate

Novel Membranes for Water Purification

Xiaoxiong 'George' Wang's picture Xiaoxiong 'George' Wang
Postdoctoral Associate

Development of Novel Reactive Ceramic Membranes

Li Wang's picture Li Wang
Postdoctoral Associate

Transport Phenomenon in Electrochemical- and Pressure-driven Processes

Lea Winter's picture Lea Winter
Postdoctoral Associate

NEWT Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

Sustainable reactive electrochemical membranes