Current Lab Members


Menachem Elimelech's picture Menachem Elimelech
Sterling Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and Professor of the Environment

Ph.D. Candidate

Tayler Hedtke's picture Tayler Hedtke
Ph.D. Student (co-advised by Jaehong Kim)

Catalytic Membranes for Water Treatment

Brielle Januszewski's picture Brielle Januszewski
Ph.D. Candidate

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Selectivity of Ions through Polymeric Membranes under Hydraulic Pressure

Masashi Kaneda's picture Masashi Kaneda
Ph.D. Candidate

Quad Fellow

Funai Foundation Fellow

Rotary Global Grant Fellow

Functional Polymers for Silica Scale Mitigation

Sohum Patel's picture Sohum Patel
Ph.D. Candidate

Ion Selectivity using Electrochemical Processes

Julianne Rolf's picture Julianne Rolf
Ph.D. Candidate

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

NEWT Culture of Inclusion Award

Scaling Mitigation via Antiscalant and Membrane Surface Modification

Camille Violet's picture Camille Violet
Ph.D. Candidate

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Ion Transport through Membrane Nanochannels

Ph.D. Student

Martina del Cerro's picture Martina del Cerro
PhD Student

Process Evaluation for Water Production and Brine Management

Lauren Mazurowski's picture Lauren Mazurowski
Ph.D. Student

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Ion-selective membrane processes

Kevin Pataroque's picture Kevin Pataroque
Ph.D. Student

NSF Graduate Research Fellow

Transport Phenomena in RO Processes

Junwei Zhang's picture Junwei Zhang
Ph.D. Student

Synthesis and functionalization of ion-selective polymeric membranes

Postdocs and Fellows

Nathanial Cooper's picture Nathanial Cooper
Postdoctoral Associate

Techno-economic analysis of water-energy systems

Hanqing Fan's picture Hanqing Fan
Postdoctoral Associate

Ion-selective membranes and hypersaline desalination

Casey Finnerty's picture Casey Finnerty
Postdoctoral Associate, NEWT Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow

Decision-Making Tools for Desalination and Brine Management

Mohammad Heiranian's picture Mohammad Heiranian
Postdoctoral Associate

Molecule and Nanofluidic Transport in Nanoporous Membranes

Arpita Iddya's picture Arpita Iddya
Postdoctoral Associate in CENV

Ion transport and selective removal through electrosorption

Weiyi Pan's picture Weiyi Pan
Postdoctoral Associate

Selective removal of ions using electrosorption and membrane

Yonguk Shin's picture Yonguk Shin
Laboratory Associate in Chem and Env Eng

Electrochemical oxidation process and Electrosorption technology

Luis Francisco Villalobos's picture Luis Francisco Villalobos
Postdoctoral Fellow

Swiss National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow

Development of ion selective membranes