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Wang, X., Sun, M., Zhao, Y., Wang, C., Ma, W., Wong, M.S. & Elimelech, M.
In Situ Electrochemical Generation of Reactive Chlorine Species for Efficient Ultrafiltration Membrane Self-Cleaning
Sun, M., Qin, M., Wang, C., Weng, G.M., Huo, M.X., Taylor, A.D., Qu, J. & Elimelech, M.
Electrochemical-Osmotic Process for Simultaneous Recovery of Electric Energy, Water, and Metals from Wastewater
Davenport, D.M., Ritt, C.L., Verbeke, R., Dickmann, M., Egger, W., Vankelecom, I.F. & Elimelech, M.
Thin film composite membrane compaction in high-pressure reverse osmosis
Li, Z., Li, Y., Yao, Y.C., Aydin, F., Zhan, C., Chen, Y., Elimelech, M., Pham, T.A. & Noy, A.
Strong Differential Monovalent Anion Selectivity in Narrow Diameter Carbon Nanotube Porins
Liang, Y., Zhu, Y., Liu, C., Lee, K.R., Hung, W.S., Wang, Z., Li, Y., Elimelech, M., Jin, J. & Lin, S.
Polyamide nanofiltration membrane with highly uniform sub-nanometre pores for sub-1 Å precision separation
Patel, S.K., Ritt, C., Deshmukh, A., Wang, Z., Qin, M., Epsztein, R. & Elimelech, M.
The relative insignificance of advanced materials in enhancing the energy efficiency of desalination technologies
Wang, Z., Deshmukh, A., Du, Y. & Elimelech, M.
Minimal and zero liquid discharge with reverse osmosis using low-salt-rejection membranes
Malmir, H., Epsztein, R., Elimelech, M. & Haji-Akbari, A.
Induced Charge Anisotropy: A Hidden Variable Affecting Ion Transport through Membranes
Fausey, C.L., Zucker, I., Lee, D., Shaulsky, E., Zimmerman, J.B. & Elimelech, M.
Tunable Molybdenum Disulfide-Enabled Fiber Mats for High-Efficiency Removal of Mercury from Water
Patel, S.K., Qin, M., Walker, W.S. & Elimelech, M.
Energy Efficiency of Electro-Driven Brackish Water Desalination: Electrodialysis Significantly Outperforms Membrane Capacitive Deionization
Sigurdardottir, S.B., DuChanois, R.M., Epsztein, R., Pinelo, M. & Elimelech, M.
Energy barriers to anion transport in nanofiltration membranes: Role of intra-pore diffusion
Wang, Y., Lee, J., Werber, J.R. & Elimelech, M.
Capillary-driven desalination in a synthetic mangrove
Aydin, F., Zhan, C., Ritt, C., Epsztein, R., Elimelech, M., Schwegler, E. & Pham, T.A.
Similarities and Differences between Potassium and Ammonium Ions in Liquid Water: A First-Principles Study


Karanikola, V., Moore, S.E., Deshmukh, A., Arnold, R.G., Elimelech, M. & Sáez, A.E.
Economic performance of membrane distillation configurations in optimal solar thermal desalination systems
Porter, C.J., Werber, J.R., Ritt, C.L., Guan, Y.F., Zhong, M. & Elimelech, M.
Controlled grafting of polymer brush layers from porous cellulosic membranes
Biesheuvel, P.M., Zhang, L., Gasquet, P., Blankert, B., Elimelech, M
Ion Selectivity in Brackish Water Desalination by Reverse Osmosis: Theory, Measurements, and Implications
Fausey, C.L., Zucker, I., Shaulsky, E., Zimmerman, J.B. & Elimelech, M.
Removal of arsenic with reduced graphene oxide-TiO2-enabled nanofibrous mats
Cheng, W., Lu, X., Kaneda, M., Zhang, W., Bernstein, R., Ma, J. & Elimelech, M.
Graphene Oxide Functionalized Membranes: The Importance of Nanosheet Surface Exposure for Biofouling Resistance
Zucker, I., Hashmi, S.M., Yang, J., He, Y. Pfefferle, L.D. & Elimelech, M.
Shape-Dependent Interactions of Manganese Oxide Nanomaterials with Lipid Bilayer Vesicles
Guan, Y.F., Marcos-Hernández, M., Lu, X., Cheng, W., Yu, H.Q., Elimelech, M. & Villagrán, D.
Silica Removal Using Magnetic Iron-Aluminum (Fe-Al) Hybrid Nanomaterials: Measurements, Adsorption Mechanisms, and Implications for Silica Scaling in Reverse Osmosis