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Sima, L.C. and Elimelech, M.
More than a Drop in the Bucket: Decentralized Membrane-Based Drinking Water Refill Stations in Southeast Asia
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Effects of feed and draw solution temperature and transmembrane temperature difference on the rejection of trace organic contaminants by forward osmosis
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Surface Cell Density Effects on Escherichia coli Gene Expression during Cell Attachment
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Forward Osmosis Desalination of Brackish Groundwater: Meeting Water Quality Requirements for Fertigation by Integrating Nanofiltration
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Standard Methodology for Evaluating Membrane Performance in Osmotically Driven Membrane Processes
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Polyamide Formation on a Cellulose Triacetate Support for Osmotic Membranes: Effect of Linking Molecules on Membrane Performance
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Water Flows, Energy Demand, and Market Analysis of the Informal Water Sector in Kisumu, Kenya
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Silica Scaling and Scaling Reversibility in Forward Osmosis
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Cp* Iridium Precatalysts for Selective C-H Oxidation with Sodium Periodate as the Terminal Oxidant
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Potential of Osmotic Power Generation by Pressure Retarded Osmosis using Seawater as Feed Solution: Analysis and Experiments
Meng, Z., Hashmi, S.M., and Elimelech, M.
Aggregation Rate and Fractal Dimension of Fullerene Nanoparticles via Simultaneous Multiangle Static and Dynamic Light Scattering Measurement
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Carbon nanotube bundling: influence on layer-by-layer assembly and antimicrobial activity
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Toxicity of Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Soil Microbial Communities: Implications for Nutrient Cycling in Soil
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Removal of trace organic contaminants by the forward osmosis process
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Nanofibers in Thin-Film Composite Membrane Support Layers: Enabling Expanded Application of Forward and Pressure Retarded Osmosis


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Relationship between Use of Water from Community-Scale Water Treatment Refill Kiosks and Childhood Diarrhea in Jakarta
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Superhydrophilic Thin-Film Composite Forward Osmosis Membranes for Organic Fouling Control: Fouling Behavior and Antifouling Mechanisms