Xuechen Zhou

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Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University
B.Eng. Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2015
B.S. Economics, Tsinghua University, 2015

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Xuechen Zhou is a fifth year Ph.D. student, co-advised by Dr. Menachem Elimelech and Dr. Jaehong Kim. He received his bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering with a double major in economics from Tsinghua University in July 2015. As an undergraduate research assistant, Xuechen studied microbial fuel cells with the goal of advanced waste water treatment performance and high-power generation efficiency. He also did several studies on ion exchange membrane modification for better charge and discharge performance in redox flow battery systems.


With this exciting opportunity to work with two great professors at Yale, Xuechen is trying to apply the emerging atomic layer deposition technology to form a uniform coating on membrane surface with the precise control of the coating thickness. His main goal is to enhance the permeability, chemical stability and antifouling property of the filtration membrane simultaneously.


Outside of the lab, he prefers to work out frequently to help him relax.


pdfs and supporting information for group publications available on the main publications page.

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