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Ching, H-W., Elimelech, M., and Hering J. G.
Dynamics of Coagulation of Clay Particles with Aluminum Sulfate


Song, L., and Elimelech, M.
Calculation of Particle Deposition Rate under Unfavorable Particle-Surface Interactions
Song, L., and Elimelech, M.
Dynamics of Colloid Deposition in Porous Media: Modeling the Role of Retained Particles


van Zanten, J. H., and Elimelech, M.
Determination of Absolute Coagulation Rate Constants by Multiangle Light Scattering
Song, L., and Elimelech, M.
Deposition of Brownian Particles in Porous Media: Modified Boundary Conditions for the Sphere-in-Cell Model
Elimelech, M., and Song L.
Theoretical Investigation of Colloid Separation from Dilute Aqueous Suspensions by Oppositely Charged Granular Media
Elimelech, M.
Predicting Collision Efficiencies of Colloidal Particles in Porous Media


Elimelech, M.
Kinetics of Capture of Colloidal Particles in Packed Beds Under Attractive Double Layer Interactions


Elimelech, M., and O'Melia C.R.
Kinetics of Deposition of Colloidal Particles in Porous Media
Elimelech, M., and O'Melia C.R.
Effect of Particle Size on Collision Efficiency in the Deposition of Brownian Particles with Electrostatic Energy Barriers
Elimelech, M.
Indirect Evidence for Hydration Forces in the Deposition of Polystyrene Latex Colloids on Glass Surfaces
Elimelech, M., and C.R., O'Melia,.
Effect of Electrolyte Type on the Electrophoretic Mobility of Polystyrene Latex Colloids
Zhang, W., Cheng, W., Ziemann, E., Be'er, A., Lu, X., Elimelech, M., & Bernstein, R.
Functionalization of ultrafiltration membrane with polyampholyte hydrogel and graphene oxide to achieve dual antifouling and antibacterial properties
Li Wang, Zhangxin Wang, Sohum K Patel, Shihong Lin, Menachem Elimelech
Nanopore-Based Power Generation from Salinity Gradient: Why It Is Not Viable
Adin, A., and Elimelech, M.
Particle Filtration for Wastewater Irrigation